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ASA Nwura embarks on Biking for Plastics Tour

ASA Nwura embarks on Biking for Plastics Tour

Posted on: 01 May, 2022

Cleantech startup, ASA Nwura which operates from the Western Region of Ghana embarked on a Biking for Plastics Tour on 18th September 2021. The tour was embarked on to commemorate World Cleanup Day with a focus on beaches in Takoradi where plastic pollution is unsightly seen along the shoreline. The tour brought together 10 young volunteers within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis biking along four major beaches to recover plastics that easily slip into the ocean.
Speaking on the Morning Show at YFm, the Founder of ASA Nwura indicated that bikes were ideal for the cleanup due to their environmental friendliness with zero emissions for such activity on an important day like the World Cleanup Day. “Our tour was purposely for recovering plastics and campaigning for Plastic Free Takoradi, a very strong environmental commitment we as a company stand for. We wanted to make this tour as fun as possible focusing on youths as vibrant and focal people for our fight against ocean plastics pollution. We will commit to adopting workable localized approaches which are sustainable and inclusive to recover plastics from our environment.” added by Benjamin Agyin Turkson, Founder of ASA Nwura.

The tour brought together 10 volunteers who recovered 242kilograms of waste plastics at African Beach, Last Hour, Vienna, and Allan Beach in just 2hours and 48minutes. The tour was ended with a Plastics Brand Audit using Break Free From Plastic’s methodology to investigate the proportion of plastic pollution with a dis¬cernible brand identification of all plastics being found on shore¬lines. Strikingly, Voltic topped the chart with more of their waste plastics at the shorelines with Bel Aqua, Multipack, Verna, and Coca Cola following respectively after the headcount of plastics. Other plastic products that were found flying along the shorelines were Styrofoam Packages, single used plastics used for packaging, straws, and disposable cups.

It is worrying to see that aside from plastics that are washed from inland into the ocean, efforts along the shorelines to minimize plastic pollution is minimal. Pubs and Resorts along the Beaches churn out so many plastics themselves and there is no proper check on tourists and visitors coming for recreational activities at the beach. Another striking observation made was that there were no adequate bins provided along the shorelines for people to dispose off their plastics easily forcing them to indiscriminately dispose them off at the beach.
We encourage producers to extend their responsibilities to strengthen downstream management of the plastics they churn out by supporting with infrastructure and activities that help to recover plastics. Also, more education through the use of imagery to highlight, explain, and enhance education and sensitization has proven more effective in capturing attention and conveying information in a much simpler and easily understandable means. This method could be adopted at the beaches to encourage responsible disposal of plastic waste. Founder of Bike Adventure Ghana added.

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